A teacher, holding H-1B status, contacted Joy after her extension request took an unreasonable amount of time and she was unable to get any “straight answers” from the current attorney. Joy was able to learn that the petition had received a request for evidence (RFE). The RFE stated that the petition had in fact been filed four months late – after the teacher’s status had expired. Joy took over the case and prepared a response that extensively detailed the timeline and history of events, demonstrating negligence on behalf of the previous attorney. USCIS granted the extension request nunc pro tunc, backdating the approval notice and I-94 allowing the innocent teacher to maintain her spotless immigration history.



I would like to share with everyone my experience with the Haynes Immigration Law Firm. Like everybody knows it is very important to be legally present and stable in the United States. In my case, which was very complicated one, it took many years of sacrifice and suffering to find a successful outcome. I reside in South Texas, and I sought professional representation from the best lawyers in my area, finding no hope. By the favor of God a friend recommended Mr. Jim Tom Haynes to me. After hearing my case Mr. Haynes vigorously researched the laws and after great dedication, found a chance for me and my family to have a better life. Without hesitation or reservation Mr. Haynes represented me in a very devoted and professional manner. I would like to reiterate the fact that my case was very complicated with slim chances of resolution. I highly recommend the Haynes Immigration Law Firm and I will be eternally great full to Mr. Haynes for his unconditional attention to detail and professionalism. It is apparent that the 40 years of experience backing the Haynes Immigration Law Firm has not gone in vain. I.F. (Texas)



I’ve worked with Joy on two occasions. I was at peace with my situation because I felt reassured and fully confident in her work and efforts on my behalf. She was dedicated and thorough throughout the entire process. I would definitely work with her and the firm again. J.G. (Washington, DC) 

Thank you for Amy all the excellent work you have done and making one of my dreams to come true.  D.N. (Oklahoma)



Amy was always accessible, professional and efficient. Amy got the results we wanted. I would highly recommend her. (L.M., Washington, DC)



I am a physician and have hired Amy several times to deal with my immigration issues. She has always delivered. She has successfully filed for my O-1 visa on several occasions, and also for my HHS waiver. She is currently filing for my Green Card and that of my wife. She is very knowledgeable, professional and I would recommend her very enthusiastically. If I ever have any immigration issues or if my friends or family ever need an excellent immigration attorney, Amy is the person I would go to! As a physician, academic and professor, I deal constantly with professionals in a variety of fields. Amy is the consummate professional. She is honest, competent, and delivers! Y.O. (New Jersey)



My partner and I met with Joy Haynes in February 2013, got married in March and I had my permanent residency by June. Joy is wonderful to work with; she is knowledgeable, efficient and gives you all the information you need to feel prepared for what can be a daunting process. We did a fair bit of research before meeting with Joy, including getting references from 2-3 different sources, and they all had great things to say about her. Since my partner is transgender, I wanted to find a lawyer who had some experience with trans issues, but I certainly didn’t expect to find someone who had the amount of experience Joy does. She took what I thought was a horribly complicated process and made the whole thing seem doable. P.O. (Washington, DC)

We had the pleasure of working with Joy Haynes regarding our same-sex marriage green card application. Probably the most important and life changing paperwork we’ve ever prepared thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA. We thought the process was going to be long, complicated and tedious, but Joy Haynes made it all make sense. Her attention to detail and her personal and approachable professionalism gave us the confidence to feel we were filing a thorough application. And we were successful! We were approved for my British partner’s green card in early October, 2013. We started the process in late July when we met Joy and less than three months later had our interview, which we were totally prepared for thanks to Joy. We would recommend Joy Haynes to any LGBT family who are dealing with immigration issues, no matter how simple or complicated the case may be. Joy is professional, compassionate and eager to help LGBT bi-national couples and we can’t thank her enough for helping us file a successful marriage based green card application. Thank you, Joy!!! V.B. (Virginia)



I worked with Amy for a consultation on an immigration case for my wife. I had previously met with another attorney as well as done a good deal of research on the internet. Amy really seemed to know her stuff – she answered our questions crisply and (seemingly, based on my own research) correctly. She put our minds at ease and did not seem intent into scaring us into signing up for unnecessary additional business. At the same time, she was very clear on points where we needed to be attentive and careful as we go forward. She was also helpful in follow-up queries.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Amy to others. I am now planning to use her firm for some separate professional matters, which is as strong an endorsement as I can make. J.P. (Virginia)

Joy and her staff made this process as easy as it gets! Very professional, yet personable. Going into this not knowing what to expect was a little scary but Joy put our minds at ease and was quick to answer any questions or concerns that we had. I would recommend this firm to everyone! Thanks again Joy! G.O (Virginia)



I met with Amy Novick after having met with three other experienced immigration lawyers. She was by far the most competent and knowledgeable. She took care of my EB 1-1 extraordinary ability case within three months while being extremely available, especially on email, and very professional. It was not an easy case, but she made it look like a slam-dunk. She also provided sound advice on my nonimmigrant visa status, which was expiring shortly after I retained her.
Let’s put it this way: I cannot imagine recommending anyone else for immigration-related work. N.B. (Maryland)

The process of getting legal residency in the USA is difficult, complicated and torturous, but working with Joy Haynes on this was so easy, and stress-free. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has a great amount of experience to draw from. She thinks creatively, and helps you see and understand things you would have never thought of if applying by yourself. I worked with Joy through 2 application processes, first for a[n O-1] visa, and then for a Green Card, and in both cases, Joy was a pleasure to work with. Joy is also very honest, and will tell you clearly if you are wasting your time, or if you are ready to apply for a specific visa or Green Card. I felt I could trust her throughout the process, she was constantly responsive, and efficient. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for advice on the immigration process, or about to make an application. G.L. (Washington, DC)



I was stuck in Pakistan. If it was not for Jim Haynes I’ll be still stuck there. He went and confronted the state department on my behalf and the case moved forward. Knows all aspects of the immigration law. J.R. (Maryland)



Mr. Haynes presented me in federal court for immigration matter, he did his best to fight and have protected my interest. M.M. (Washington, DC)



I have referred a number of complex legal matters to Amy, primarily EB1-1 petitions. This type of case is very challenging in light of recent USCIS policy guidance but Amy has done a masterful job securing approvals. She is responsive, thorough and creative. I recommend her highly. P.Z. (Illinois)

Joy, this is a very special day for me, I will never forget this day in my life, it is so special, so unique, thanks to you, thanks to you hard work, your professionalism, your help, support and concern, I will be so grateful the rest of my life, thank you so much, thank you, thank you…always thank you. I just can’t find the right word to express my thankfulness…I am sure I’ll talk to you when I apply for my citizenship. But I’ll take a good break. No more hassles crossing borders…Thank you…. J.S. (Texas)



We were so happy that we chose [Joy] to deal with our case as she was so cooperated, follow up with us all the time, knowledgeable with all the details, she has full understanding of the immigration’s laws. Plus she is always willing to help her client as much as possible. I recommend her strongly as we were so happy with our experience with her. R.Y. (Virginia)

I have been in this country for almost 20 years. I renewed my visa at least 6 times. I don’t know why but the interview with the consulate is the part that scares me the most. Having a stranger decide my future is a unpleasant process. I spent months before Aug 6, 2012 thinking about what questions they would ask me and if I would be capable of satisfying my interviewer. The anxiety was through the roof, the first thing they told me was “Congratulations, your application was completed perfectly!” They did not ask me anything else. I guess when you have a lawyer that writes poetry so perfectly it leaves people speechless. Thank You Joy for all you have done for me and my family! M.I. (Washington, DC)



Amy helped me with my student and exchange visa questions. She was extremely knowledgeable and was able to resolve all my questions promptly. She went above and beyond what was required to help me. Navigating all the issues and paperwork involved with visas can be daunting, but Amy always made me feel comfortable and helped allay a lot of my worries and fears. She never made me feel rushed or like “just another immigration client”. I will definitely be using Amy’s services in the future. P.K. (Maryland)