G-4 Representation

International organization employees in G-4 status are afforded unique avenues for obtaining permanent resident status. These special immigrant visas apply to the employee (principal G-4) and their spouses and their children. They also can obtain visas for family members not otherwise eligible for G-4 visas and for domestic staff (G-5).

With the recent employment changes at the World Bank – where long-term, open contracts are more difficult to obtain – certain G-4 employees and their families will be unable to avail themselves of the special “360” green card status provisions. Instead, they must find alternative avenues for permanent residence or longer-term nonimmigrant visa status if they seek to remain in the United States.

Our lawyers counsel dozens of international organization employees on the viable options available to them, whether “extraordinary ability” or “national interest” green cards, professional or investor visas, or status based on their spouse’s employment.

Our particular specialty is consulting G-4 clients who are subject to the two-year home residency requirement because of their holding J-1 status at some point in time.